CNC clamping device

The MITEE-BITE product range is characterised by low clamping heights and holding forces of up to 50,000 N.
Simple handling and a good price-performance ratio enable diverse applications.

Eccentric clamp

Compact measurements. Clamping force due to eccentric movement.

Eccentric claw clamp

Clamping of non-processed surfaces.

Eccentric clamp processable

Individual shaping clamps.

Uniforce double-wedge clamp

Space-saving multiple clamping.

Eccentric double-wedge clamp processable

Individual shaping clamps.

Pitbull clamp

Extremely low overall heights. Additional pull-down effect. Highest clamping forces.

Pitbull clamp processable

Extremely low clamping edges with individual geometry.

Pitbull clamping modules

Increased implementation flexibility with a unique stepped design. It is possible to drill through the workpiece.

ID Xpansion clamp

Ideal for secondary processing of turned parts. For drilling sizes of 4.1 to 250 mm.

ID Xpansion clamp processable

Turnable or millable to the required diameter.